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If you have the latest version of KeePass, you should probably use the latest version of ABP, shown in bold in the first row of the following table. If you are using a previous version of KeePass, you may need to use a previous version of ABP, as shown below. Beginning with KeePass 1.15, plugins and KeePass can be upgraded somewhat independently of each other. Before KeePass 1.15, the KeePass interface to plugins required a new plugin version for each new KeePass version.

KeePass Version
Another Backup Plugin
   Version    Executable Source Code
1.17 or later 1.12
1.16 or later 1.11
1.15 or later 1.10
1.14 1.9
1.13 1.8
1.12 1.7
1.11 1.6
1.10 1.5
1.09 1.4
1.08 1.3
1.07 1.2
1.06 1.1
1.05 1.0
1.04 or earlier none

For a description of each ABP version, see the ABP version history. Source code for ABP, beginning with ABP Version 1.10, uses the Plugin Framework for KeePass.