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Test Plugin (PFK version)

The Test Plugin was developed by Dominik Reichl in 2005 along with the original KeePass Classic Edition plugin interface. The purpose of Test Plugin was to demonstrate a “Hello, world” KeePass plugin. In 2009, Dominik introduced a new COM-based KeePass plugin interface for KeePass version 1.15, together with a revised version of his Test Plugin. To assist in using this new plugin interface, I developed the Plugin Framework for KeePass (PFK) and a corresponding Test Plugin variant, which I call TestPluginPFK. TestPluginPFK demonstrates a “Hello, world” KeePass Classic Edition plugin using PFK. In my view, TestPluginPFK is much simpler than the non-PFK Test Plugin alternative.

TestPluginPFK Download

The following table shows the correspondences between KeePass Classic Edition versions and TestPluginPFK.

KeePass Version
   Version    Source Code
1.17 or later 1.1
1.15 or later 1.0
1.14 or earlier none

Using TestPluginPFK

TestPluginPFK depends on the Plugin Framework for KeePass. This dependency is coded into the project references of the TestPluginPFK project properties. TestPluginPFK links with the static library produced by PFK. TestPluginPFK is built and executed in the same way as any other plugin.

TestPluginPFK Version History

Version 1.1 for KeePass 1.17 or later (4Dec2009)

  1. Adds support for FileTransaction Interface.

Version 1.0 for KeePass 1.15 or later (31Jan2009)

Initial release.