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Your Feedback

I welcome all kinds of feedback about ABP. Well, not all kinds, actually. That's why I wrote this page.

Suggestions for Improvement

The bulletin board in my office contains the following famous quote, attributed to Antoine de St. Exupery, “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” This message has guided my work for many years, and has been in mind during ABP development. Accordingly, I welcome suggestions for change which would make ABP simpler. Conversely, I may be reluctant to accept suggestions which would make ABP more complicated.

Please post your suggestions for improvement to the Open Discussion forum of the ABP-KeePass project at SourceForge.

Feature Requests

I look forward to receiving feature requests which will help me improve ABP. Not only should feature requests be motivated, but they should be consistent with the spirit of ABP.

Bad: “I need Feature X.”

Still Bad: “ABP is wonderful, except that I need Feature X.”

Better: “I need Feature X because it lets me do Y that is {awkward | impossible} to do otherwise.”

Even Better: Same as Better but add, “Without Feature X, the Z aspect of ABP is incomplete.”

Please post your feature requests to the Open Discussion forum of the ABP-KeePass project.

Bug Reports

I will be disappointed if no-one reading this far notices that I am a perfectionist. Although I have made my share of mistakes, my goal is for ABP to be a bug-free zone. Therefore, I will welcome bug reports with more enthusiasm than any other kind of feedback. Fixing bugs will bring me closer to my goal, and will save me from the future embarrassment of new users rediscovering them.

Please post your ABP bug reports to ABP's Open Discussion forum.

Requests for Help

If you've read this far and you still haven't found an adequate answer to a question you have about ABP, don't hesitate to post your question to ABP's Help Forum. I will respond to your question, and will probably also update these pages accordingly.

If you haven't read this far, and you post a gratuitous question to KeePass Help Forum, thus wasting my time and that of other subscribers, my response may simply be a polite encouragement for you to RTFM.