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ABP Version History

Version 1.12 for KeePass 1.17 or later (4Dec2009)

  1. ABP exploits the file transactions option introduced in KeePass 1.17. Old backup files can no longer be destroyed by half-written new backup files. Therefore, this version of ABP requires KeePass 1.17 or later.

Version 1.11 for KeePass 1.16 or later (5Jun2009)

  1. Bug fix: ID 2786478 “ABP incompatible with KeePass -lock option”.
  2. This fix required changes to KeePass and the Plugin Framework for KeePass. Therefore, this version of ABP requires KeePass 1.16 or later.
  3. Help document: Added paragraph “Windows Security Warning” to section “How to Install ABP”, on page “Installing and Configuring ABP”. Revised various sections as needed to properly account for KeePass /lock command line argument.

Version 1.10 for KeePass 1.15 or later (12Feb2009)

This is the first version of ABP to use the new COM-based KeePass Classic Edition plugin interface, and the first version of ABP to use the Plugin Framework for KeePass (PFK). This version of ABP should continue to work with every future version of KeePass Classic Edition. In addition, all future versions of ABP should work with KeePass 1.15 or later.

  1. Although ABP functionality is unchanged, this is the most significant change in ABP design since its inception. Future versions of KeePass and ABP can now be released independently of each other.
  2. Changed design from using MFC threads to using Win32 threads. No change in function. However, the AnotherBackupPlugin.dll is now 22 percent smaller than in previous releases. This change is made possible by the new COM interface to plugins.
  3. Help document: Revised portions of the page “Installing and Configuring ABP” as follows: Revised section “How to Install ABP” to reflect simpler KeePass plugin installation procedure. Added paragraph, “Warning About Target Type”, to section “Configuration Hints for Non-Geeks”. Added brief explanation of start command and minimizing command windows to “Batch File” paragraph.
  4. Updated documentation to point to new ABP website URL.
  5. Renamed this file, ReleaseNotes.txt, to AnotherBackupPluginReleaseNotes.txt.

Version 1.9 for KeePass 1.14 (17Oct2008)

No changes.

Version 1.8 for KeePass 1.13 (6Sep2008)

No changes.

Version 1.7 for KeePass 1.12 (14Aug2008)

  1. Upgrade to Version 3.03 of UPX.

Version 1.6 for KeePass 1.11 (12Apr2008)

  1. Enhanced basic status message as follows: If backups are enabled but some backup paths cannot be accessed, the basic status also includes how many backup paths can still be accessed.
  2. Help pages: Expanded discussion of batch file configuration, based on anonymous forum question.
  3. Begin using same version of Boost libraries that KeePass uses.
  4. Upgrade to Version 3.02 of UPX.

Version 1.5 for KeePass 1.10 (14Jan2008)

No changes.

Version 1.4 for KeePass 1.09 (12Oct2007)

No changes.

Version 1.3 for KeePass 1.08 (30Aug2007)

  1. Fixed broken external links in Help document.
  2. Updated to use UPX 3.01

Version 1.2 for KeePass 1.07 (16Apr2007)

  1. Small formatting and editorial improvements to Help document.

Version 1.1 for KeePass 1.06 (14Oct2006)

  1. Added enhancement: When initial database is locked, backups are no longer disabled.
  2. Enhanced Help document page content as follows:
    1. Frequently Asked Questions: Added various Q&A about backing up key file.
    2. Installing and Configuring ABP: Added section “Configuration Hints for Non-Geeks”.
    3. Using ABP: Added paragraph on “limit to single instance” option.
  3. Put AnotherBackupPlugin.chm table of contents into a folder, for convenient hardcopy.

Version 1.0 for KeePass 1.05 (19May2006)

Initial release.