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Another Backup Plugin for KeePass

Copyright © 2006—2009 Bill Rubin

Distributed under the Boost Software License

Another Backup Plugin (ABP) is a plugin for the KeePass password manager (Classic Edition). ABP automatically copies the initial password database to one or more backup files, so that the passwords can be recovered in case of loss.

Why use ABP? The problem of managing passwords is to keep them secret from others, while assuring that you yourself can always access them. KeePass by itself prevents others from accessing your passwords, but this is only half the solution. KeePass with ABP provides a more complete solution by assuring that you can restore the password database from an up-to-date copy, in case the original is lost, stolen, or destroyed. For more details, see the Frequently Asked Questions.

ABP Features: The typical ABP user has a single password database, which is opened automatically when KeePass starts up. The password database may be stored on a portable medium such as a USB flash drive, or on a PC's hard disk. ABP backs up the database when it's opened, if the backup copy is not already up to date, and it backs up the database when it's saved. The typical ABP user will not normally deal with other password databases, but if she does, backups for them will be disabled automatically, so that they cannot overwrite and destroy backups of her primary password database. ABP is designed so that a backup delay, such as when writing through a network, does not interfere with KeePass response time, nor with other backups. ABP development uses modern C++ design practices, with the goal of creating a bug-free, well documented, industrial-strength product.

Latest Download

ABP Version 1.12 for KeePass version 1.17 or later was released 4Dec2009. This is a stable release. It is recommended to upgrade to ABP 1.12, as long as you're using KeePass 1.17 or greater.

For earlier releases of KeePass, or to download previous releases of ABP, see the ABP Downloads page.

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The following links to ABP resources take you out of the ABP website:

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In addition, the links on the left column of this page keep you in the ABP website. All the Help for ABP web pages at left are included in the off-line “Help for Another Backup Plugin” menu item available when ABP is installed with KeePass.